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After seeing the inactivity on this blog my readers may think I’ve given up on writing altogether, but don’t worry, it’s not true.  Far from it.  I’m just writing in a different venue about a different topic with ultimately the same goal: To become a published author.

When I first started this blog my book was a memoir.  It was about my childhood into adulthood, which may sound run of the mill and boring to some, until you understand the back story.  It’s starts a little boring – abusive, alcoholic father but then it gets interesting.  A diagnosis of ovarian cancer, leukemia, then epilepsy.  And those were just my diagnoses.  My father had lymphoma, my mother, leukemia and my sister multiple sclerosis.  It has made for a truly unique family dynamic.  My father has passed and the rest of us are still actively getting medical treatment.  (I’m actually going for a neurosurgery next week so it’s still a bit raw).  I had imagined writing a Frank McCourt type of book where I could convey the humor of it all, but ultimately I realized if I really wanted to write about everything without glossing over the details I’d need to see a psychologist and I wasn’t up for that. 

The idea of a novel wasn’t quite panning out either.  To be honest I tried an outline of every genre I could think of and I’m just not creative enough.  So as I eluded to in my last posts, my home based company, Clearly Puzzled Games, has eaten a lot of my time but given me a lot of writing opportunities.  I started a new blog called which is a spin-off of our company but also gives me another outlet to write.

Owning a business, blogging, writing, tweeting and ultimately marketing are all excellent topics to write about that won’t send me to a psychologist.  It won’t be fiction unless I want it to be but I can draw on the real world experiences I’ve had.  This can actually be a book that doesn’t bring up horrible memories whether it’s fiction or not! 

I’m starting a master’s level class at Cornell next week, and even though it’s in marketing I think it will inherently improve my writing skills.  So that’s a bonus all around.  (I’m only worried about the timing of the surgery).    

In the meantime, I’m back to writing for my other blog to further hone my skills.  We thought, we had a hard time getting reviewed, other companies must too.  If you are interested in reading my work visit or @clearlyreviewed and @edgesgame on twitter.  Tweeting is harder than it seems!  Also, since I am practicing my marketing skills I should plug our first game Edges – A Puzzle Challenge which can be found at the App Store.

Don’t worry though, I’ll drop a line here and there in this blog and when I do get a chance to actually start the book (again) I’ll keep you updated every step of the way!